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Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Human Error Analysis

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Workshop Description

Process safety requires a selection of techniques to allow for a systematic study of a process plant to identify and analyze the significance of potential process hazards followed by a range of techniques dependent on the hazards identified to either eliminate the hazards, or reduce the risk from the hazard by reducing the consequences or frequency of potential accidents and for improving general facility safety.

Process Safety methods are used for new plants as well as for modifications to existing plant designs. The methods have been applied with success in the process, oil and gas pharmaceutical, food, power, water, automotive and military industries.

This workshop is designed to provide the participants with an introduction and basic knowledge in process safety with a focus the techniques identified by the Client.  Participants will be provided with comprehensive training and resource materials.


Workshop Objectives

Upon the successful completion of this workshop, participants will have an awareness of:

  • The general methodology of the process safety techniques and how they are applied in industry.
  • When each technique is applied and the rationale to selecting a particular technique
  • The importance of the techniques as a part of overall plant risk reduction
  • Practice the various techniques using workshop examples.


As this course is not accredited there is no formal assessment, however our team can write a basic competency assessment to suit your needs and provide a certificate of completion.


No previous experience necessary.

Who Should Attend

Operations and Maintenance Staff, Site, Project and Design Engineers, Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Staff and any other team members who are involved in delivering or maintaining process and functional safety.

  • Well delivered course and the slides were good, thanks again!

    - Andrew, Cheshire